APO San Mateo Rizal Alumni Association

APO San Mateo, Rizal Alumni Association

Brief History

The ALPHA PHI OMEGA SAN MATEO, RIZAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION was organized by Brothers Antonio “Baby” Rivera of Gamma Kappa, Maldo Bonilla of Beta and Henry Alfonso of Gamma Rho in the summer of 1978 with the purpose of grouping together members of Alpha Phi Omega residing and / or working in San Mateo, Rizal and with the vision of spreading the true APhiO ideals of Leadership, Friendship and Service. The organizers aimed to uphold the spirit of APhiO in San Mateo, Rizal by binding the alumni brothers and sisters into a strong circle of friendship. In order to create a cohesive bond among the members, a welcome procedure was established where each incoming member will be made to renew his/her vows and pledge of allegiance to the fraternity / sorority and to profess his commitment to the cause of the alumni association.

The initial meeting of the organizers resulted in knowing other APhiO members in the community. Slowly and humbly, the alumni association started to grow. Unfortunately, the association’s activities suffered a lull when a great number of its senior members became unavailable due to migration or job placement abroad.

It was in 1988 when Brothers Bartolome “Omie” Rivera, Jr., of Gamma Kappa, Normando “Sonny” Asprer of Rho and Eric Catabijan of Gamma Pi joined heads together and planned the rekindling of the APhiO flame and the reactivation of the alumni association. House visits, fellowships, informal meetings were conducted to instill camaraderie on each one. An annual service project rendering public assistance and traffic management support at the public cemetery during All Saint’s Day, November 1, was initiated to boost group unity and also public exposure. Then followed by the Free Medical, Dental and Feeding Missions with the generous help of resident members of different collegiate chapters. Since then, the name of APO – SAN MATEO, RIZAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION became synonymous to service and civic oriented projects and programs that contribute to community development.

SERVICE is the dictum behind the alumni association’s operations and endeavors.

COMMITMENT is the oath by which the members are sworn to for the realization of its objectives.

PERPETUITY is the task rested on the shoulders of the officers and members that only through positive volition would they be able to carry.

On April 30, 1994, Alpha Phi Omega San Mateo, Rizal Alumni Association was formally recognized by the National Executive Board of Alpha Phi Omega Philippines as the 45th alumni association on its roster of Active Alumni Associations under the jurisdiction of the National Capital Administrative Region.

The measure of success with which members of APO San Mateo Alumni Association carries out these objectives in our community depends entirely upon the individual members of our Alumni Association. Our community looks to us continuously for Service in many areas, and we must diligently continue to build Alpha Phi Omega as a constructive force in our community. This in mind, an ancient saying from Buddha guides us in all our plans and activities…

“All we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”

For those who would like to inquire on procedure to join, please contact any apo member you know in San Mateo, Rizal.

Eric Catabijan
President, APO San Mateo, Rizal Alumni Association
eMail: cire.najibatac@gmail.com

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